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Chess robots solutions

There were several questions that surfaced during our discussion about building a chess game made with robots.
One of them was how to make them more cost efficient. One of the ways is making 2WD robots instead of 4WD. This will actually solve 2 issues; It will reduce the amount of power consumption since the robots will require half of the amount of current to actually move, and you are also saving money on buying extra motors.
Another issue that surfaced related to power consumption is the need of h-bridge drives, which is an IC that enables you to supply enough voltage and current to the motors which the arduino micro controller cannot. The Arduino board will send a HIGH or LOW signal (5v or 0v) and the h-bridge will take power from a different source the power the motors.
Also, like all motors, these will create noise which can affect the readings from our sensors. We will need a way to filter the noise using discrete components to avoid getting false readings.


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